Having a bit of trouble coming up with or deciding on your next outdoor adventure in State College? Have no fear, we at Tremont Student Living wanted to help you out and create a list of some of the best outdoor fun you’ll find in State College, PA. This city has plenty to offer through its great outdoor scenes. Whether you want to explore the cave or just take a nice little stroll through the park, you’ll find some memorable experiences in State College that will last a lifetime. Just take a look at our list and find out what State College has for you.

Arboretum at Penn State

Location: E Park Ave & Bigler Rd, State College, PA 16803

The Penn State Arboretum is home to a beautiful venue for the arts and a great place to discover the wonders of life. The arboretum consists of over 10 gardens that hold different plant life according to its kind. You can find anything from colorful garden flowers to evergreen conifers that are part of the winter landscape. The arboretum isn’t just a place that serves as eye candy, it is meant to restore and preserve the plant life in the State College area for generations to come. Penn State University takes full advantage of their technology to learn more about plant life and share it with the curious community. This is a great place to learn a bit more about nature and support one of the state’s most prestigious institutions and a great cause.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Location: 548 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801

Explore one of Pennsylvania’s most unique marsh ecosystems at the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center for some real outdoor fun in State College. The 62-acre marsh is home to various animals and beautiful plant life that will make your jaw drop. It’s a great place to reconnect with your inner-child and roam around the center looking for something new. The trails and walkways offer a safe way of exploring the wondrous wildlife in Pennsylvania. You can also catch special tours or enroll your child in the nature courses that are offered at the facility.

Tour Pennsylvania State University

Location: Old Main, State College, PA 16801

You don’t have to go out to the mountains to have some outdoor fun in State College. Pennsylvania State University offers beautiful campus tours that can help you learn more about the college culture in town. A tour around campus will allow you to visit all of the main facilities that help make PSU what it is. Shaver’s Creek is one of the most visited spots by public schools and students. It is a small but popular creek that serves for fun and learning experiences to the university. You’ll also be able to visit sports facilities like the Bryce Jordan Center and see the popular Nittany Lion statue on campus. The Penn State Campus also hosts various community events throughout the school year, so keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Lederer Park

Location: 1101 University Dr, State College, PA 16801

This 21-acre park offers a relaxed environment where you can enjoy the outdoor fun in State College. The park has great walking paths where you can enjoy some hiking or a nice run along the paths. Lederer Park also features a great arboretum that has a nice amount of delicate plants and trees. You can also bring out the food and enjoy a day full of festivities by renting out one of the two pavilions at the park.

Play a Round of Golf at the Penn State Golf Courses

Location: 1523 West College Ave, State College, PA 16801

The Penn State Golf courses offer the public a chance to play some golf on two championship courses. Think of it as a twin win, where you can enjoy a relaxing round of golf and take in the beautiful green vista across the grounds where some of the best golfers have played. You can also go out and enjoy the special events the university and other entities hold at the golf courses.

Sunset Park

Location: 850 McKee St, State College, PA 16803

Sunset Park consists of a nice wooded area perfect for summer afternoons and bike riding with the family. The park grounds include a playground, two pavilions, basketball court, exercise trail, horseshoes, and youth ballfield. Sunset Park is better for enjoying the shade and having a relaxing time outdoors. Sunset Park also offers access to the Bellafante Center Rail Trail. It is a popular bike path that crosses several hundred yards around the park and into the parking lot.

Orchard Park

Location: 1013 Bayberry Dr, State College, PA 16801

Are you looking to stay active? Orchard Park is a great spot where you can exercise and have recreational fun with a small group of people. The park offers playgrounds, a picnic area, an amphitheater, and sports courts for public use. It is also a very popular spot to have a family barbecue as long as the weather allows.

Community Pools During the Summer Time

Location: 670 Westerly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801

The best way to have some outdoor fun in State College during the summertime is cooling off at the pool. Both the Welch and Park Forest Community pools offer plenty of space and water features that you can’t find anywhere else in Center County. The youth loves to have fun at the water slides, spray features, climbing walls, and more water attractions. There is also a periodic floating obstacle course that is shared between both pools. You can purchase a season pass or pay by the day, it’s up to you, but there’s no denying the amount of fun you’ll have in the water.

Tom Tudek Memorial Park

Location: 400 Herman Dr, State College, PA 16803

Tom Tudek Memorial Park is an 87-acre park that offers plenty of outdoor fun in State College. The park offers a play area, a basketball court, pavilions, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, indoor restrooms, and more. Tudek Park also has community garden plots and a butterfly garden that is both worked on by the community for the community.

Tom Tudek Memorial Park also has a dog park area that’s pretty to be enjoyed by your canine. Every one of our pets deserves some time out of the restrictions of our homes to be able to bond with other lovely dogs. Of course, there are rules and restrictions as to where you can take your dog’s leash off, so make sure you follow the park’s rules.

Spring Creek Park

Location: 901 Houserville Rd, State College, PA 16801

Spring Creek Park is a wonderful outdoor destination where you can witness some of the most beautiful sights in State College. The park gives its visitors access to Spring Creek, which allows you to enjoy the water activities at your own will. Spring Creek Park is also a great place to take gorgeous pictures and explore the green side of Pennsylvania.

Shingletown Gap

Location: 16827, Mountain Rd, State College, PA 16801

Hiking is a quite popular experience at the Shingletown Gap. The grounds offer various hiking trails that cross through open and mountain areas of State College. You’ll find plenty of tree-covered trails that can lead you to see some of the best views of the town. Once you reach the top, you’ll discover the best view in the area.

Holmes-Foster Park

Location: 901 Westerly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801

The Holmes-Foster Park is a great place to take your kids out for some family fun. The surrounding trees make it the perfect place to play hide-and-seek or some classic tag. The park also includes a nice playground area and rentable pavilion in case you’re looking to throw an outdoor party.

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